First day on the Pt. Sur

Today was the first formal day of the Chief Scientist Training Cruise for group 2. Most of us arrived on Sunday, and we have spent today in a variety of workshops and informational sessions on how to be a good Chief Scientist, the proper way to write a research cruise into a federal funding application, and taking a tour of the boat itself.

We also had safety training, which ended with a race between 2 scientists to get into a survival suit. The point of this suit is to help prevent hypothermia if we have to abandon ship, and can be easily seen for rescue. It is important that everyone on the science team knows how to get in one, and overall that we are all briefed on the safety rules of the vessel.








Here is co-Chief Scientist, Kim getting into her suit.

Finally, here is a picture taken from the outside deck at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory. The view is magnificent.


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